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Import and export horses
Stable to stable service
Import & Export

Horse Flight Operations is an international horse transport company that takes care of the import and export of horses from around the world. 


Import and export requirements of different countries are complex.  Each country has its own rules and regulations. Vaccination implications, veterinary regulations, quarantine and documentation requirements vary widely and are subject to change. HFO makes sure that your horse complies with all the necessary regulations and arranges all the logistic to ensure a successful shipment. 

We take care of:

  • Blood tests

  • Veterinary inspections

  • Health certificates

  • Custom declaration forms

  • Import/export permit 

  • Pre-export quarantine

  • Flight booking

  • Road transport to the airport

  • Personal handling at the airport

  • Stabling at the airport

  • Insurance

  • Coordination with the agents in the country of destination

Stable to stable service

We offer the unique service of transportation from stable to stable. This means that we manage every part of the process from A to Z. 


Along every flight we have professional grooms travel along with the horses. They accompany the horses during the transport to and from the airport, at the airport and during the flight. The grooms have the knowledge and experience required to make sure the horses will arrive save and in perfect condition at their destination. The horses will travel with a good supply of water and hay, which will be served on board.

In all cases we make the horses well being our priority. 


Most country's require an isolation period before the horses are allowed to be transported. Horse Flight Operations takes care of the pre-quarantine whenever required.

Road transport

Within Europe we also provide road transport. In this case, we also plan and arrange the entire process for you down to the smallest details.

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